Welcome To Votadini Arts

We sell art, gifts & souvenirs based upon the stunning beauty of Northumberland & the North East of England and a place for local artists to present their work to a larger audience. 

Where does Votadini come from? During the Iron Age, a Celtic people called the ‘Votadini’ lived in the area that is now South East Scotland and North East England. This magnificent part of the world, where much of the landscape remains unspoiled, is an inspiration to many local artists and photographers. 

A favourite of ours is Sycamore Gap (or ‘The Robin Hood Tree’) on Hadrian’s Wall, one of the most famous landmarks in rural Northumberland and this is where we are based. 

We hope you will find that perfect gift or souvenir to remind someone or yourself of time well spent on Hadrian’s Wall or out and about in Northumberland. You can be assured that all our gifts and artwork are made in Britain and are of the highest quality. 

Alternatively, if you’re an artist or photographer looking for a platform to promote your work, get in touch via our contact page.